I am a PhD student studying astrophysics at the University of Melbourne, Australia. My work focuses on gravitational lensing, using the deflection of light to determine the gravitational structure of the universe. Furthermore, I am interested in Quasar microlensing – using high magnification events of a distant quasar caused by it crossing a stellar microlensing caustic to probe its inner structure.

My interests in physics range from fundamental physics to cosmology, with astrophysics, quantum theory and quantum computing falling somewhere in that range. I have a broader interest in science which encompasses statistics, Bayesian inference, and machine learning, and their application to the life sciences.

Outside of physics and technology, I am interested in languages, history, and culture. I have formally studied Arabic, Sanskrit, Italian, and Russian languages, with intent to study many more. I am also a keen student of yoga, meditation, and nutrition.


My full list of publications can be found here .

Selected Publications


Evidence for an intermediate-mass black hole from a gravitationally lensed gamma-ray burst (Nature Astronomy).




A selection of well polished and some half cooked projects that I am working on.

lens schematic

GRB Lensing

Gravitational lensing of gamma-ray bursts.

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A gamma-ray burst (GRB) light-curve analysis package.

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Background image: Artist's impression of a gamma-ray burst gravitationally lensed by a black hole (Carl Knox).